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February 15, 2022 Places To Visit

How to spend a weekend in Channelview

Things to do on your weekend getaway in Channelview

While you are busy hustling, the monotony can sometimes lead to burnout. It could also affect your mental health, and you might see your productivity drop down the hill. 

But, if you too would want to avoid something like this, then a weekend getaway in Channelview can be the best way to relax and break down the monotony of life. And the odds of you agreeing to this would increase 10x if we told you about the fantastic things you can do while you decide to spend a weekend in Channelview, either solo or with your partner or with your family. 

Before diving into what you can do in Channelview, let us sort your stay in the city. La Quinta Inn & Suites would be the best option for you to have a luxurious yet budget-friendly stay in Channelview. And the best part? All the things we will mention are near La Quinta Inn & Suites. Hence, you will save much time traveling and invest in some touristy activities around the city!  

What are the best tourists attractions for a weekend getaway in Channelview?

San Jacinto Museum of history

The San Jacinto Museum is located at the Houston ship channel. It has a large monument topped with a 220-ton star that commemorates the battle site. At this history museum, you can find historical objects, volumes and scripts acquired by the San Jacinto Museum of history over the years. If you love to know the history of places and antique things, then this is the place you should consider visiting. 

Magnolia gardens Park

Just a few minutes away from the Channel view city, Magnolia gardens park is a hidden gem in itself. It is alongside the river and is a perfect place for relaxing and soaking in the sun. It can be an enjoyable place to visit, whether traveling solo or with your family. 

It is not just a simple riverside place but also has some adventures activities like Kayaking and Jet Skiing in the water. Not just that, but it can also be a perfect place to camp with your group of friends on a Friday night and then come back and relax at La Quinta Inn & Suites, which is just a few miles away from this. 

Sheldon Lake State Park and Environmental Learning Center

The Sheldon Lake state park is one of the best destinations for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers to visit in Channelview. The entire property is widely spread and mainly divided into two main domains. The Lake part is where one can go fishing and observe the wildlife around the park. Some other fun activities you can do here are hiking or going on a nature trail through multiple ponds and wetland habitats. Here, you dig deep about nature and alternative energy sources. 

B & W Dive Co

B&W Dive Co is a Dive shop in Channelview with everything you need for scuba diving. Apart from the tools, they also teach it. They help you create a memorable scuba diving experience on your weekend getaway. If you are a water baby and love to swim or dive deep in the blue oceans, then this is the place you should not miss while you are spending your weekend in Channelview. 

Taste of the Strand

Taste of the strand is one of the ‘Largest walking food tours in Texas.’ Suppose you are a foodie and like to know about the local and global cuisines and are keen to taste them. In that case, it can be an ideal place for you to visit on the weekend in Channelview. Here you get to taste foods from locally-owned restaurants, candy confectioners, beef jerky outlets, and whatnot! This food tour will not just satisfy your tastebuds but also be a unique experience you can have in Channelview.

The Galleria Mall

During your weekend relaxation, if you wish to pamper yourself with some retail therapy, then The Galleria is the place you should take a visit to. It is one of the famous destinations in Houston where you find brands to pick from, restaurants to dine in at and activities to indulge yourself in. The full-size ice-skating ring and the children’s play area are a few of the many recreational activities available at The Galleria. 

Suppose all of these destinations have excited you. You wish to book a super comfortable, elegant and affordable stay in Channelview. In that case, La Quinta Inn & Suites is the ideal hotel for you. We hope you make the most of the weekend while you explore and relax in Channelview.

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