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April 12, 2022 Place

Eight best restaurants you should not miss in Channelview

Eight best restaurants you should not miss in Channelview

‘Food brings us together irrespective of the diversities’ is one of the rightfully said quotes. When people across the globe travel to distant places, the one common thing that brings them together is having meals together. And so is the case in Channelview. 

The city has restaurants and cafes that would serve people of all sorts of tastebuds and help you get in touch with people from different cultures so that you can rightfully enjoy the best combination of tasty food and meaningful conversations. 

However, all of these restaurants can be explored the best if you have your stay somewhere in the middle of Channelview. For example, La Quinta Inn & Suites can be an excellent option for foodies like you who would not just prefer a super relaxing stay in Channelview but would also want to explore the great food joints around the town. 

Now let’s quickly hop onto the list of seven best restaurants in Channelview to have them on your list on your next visit. 

Armenta’s Mexican Restaurant 

This restaurant in Channelview is the perfect place for Mexican cuisine lovers as it has a comprehensive menu of things to choose from. Most customers say they have the best quesadilla in town and some of the best lunch options. Not just that, but they also have options for seafood and drinks if someone would like to prefer those

Mom’s Kountry Cafe 

It would be ideal for all travelers who might feel a little homesick and want to have some comforting foods. The main chef here is the mom itself, and you get your food just like it’s homemade with fair prices. Also, if you like to smoke during meals, this place permits the same! 

Monument Inn 

This restaurant has been known for the best food for almost 25 years now. It is a perfect place to have brunch or dinner and even celebrate some family events. If you are someone who would want to hog something straight from the waters, then taste their very popular fisherman’s platter with oysters, crab, shrimps and whatnot! 

Sushi Koi 

For all the sushi, Japanese or Asian food lovers, this will be the place to find drooling food options. It has many options to either pick a lunch or dinner combo or even go ala La carte options like sushi, soups, rice, hibachi, teriyaki, Katsu, and more. If you are traveling with kids, they also provide different opportunities for them!

True Food Kitchen

If you are a health freak and would like to have yummy salads and bowls or even try something plant-based or vegan, you should visit this restaurant. It has a wide range of cuisine inclusive of healthy and junk options and has outdoor dining too for you to enjoy. 

Raj Bhavan 

If you like to have something spicy and tasty, then Indian cuisine is something that you should always consider. For example, the Raj Bhavan restaurant located near Houston has various Indian food options ranging from Bhelpuri, Vadapav, Dosas and Idlis, Samosa Pav and a lot more. So, if you crave Indian food in Channelview, you should not miss out on this place. 

Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine

For someone who would want to taste what authentic Indian food feels like, this is one such place you must not miss. With the restaurant being close to the Iskon temple, you will have a good time visiting the Indian cultural place, having a spiritual experience, and feeding yourself good food. 

The restaurant has a buffet every day with more than 15 items served, all of the Indian cuisines. You can also choose to order their appetizers or some other things from their menu if you wish to! Thus for all the vegetarians and vegans and Indians out there, this will be the place you would want to come back to every time you take a trip to Houston. 

Baytown Sea Food

The seafood lovers would have a great time having their meals in the Baytown Sea Food restaurant. But, known for its excellent service, ambiance and variety of options, this restaurant is one of the best choices for someone who wants to have that cuisine in Channel view. 

We are sure you might want to have a super comfortable stay while you come back from these restaurants with so many options to explore. To cut down the hassles of finding the perfect choice for you, book your stay with La Quinta Inn & Suites and enjoy your city exploration to the fullest! 

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