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November 10, 2022 Hotel Duties

Duties of a hotel manager to focus on increasing the hotel's business

Duties of a hotel manager to focus on increasing the hotel's business

Hotel Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a hotel. They oversee all aspects of the business, from Housekeeping and maintenance to Front Desk and Guest Services. To increase a hotel's business, a manager must focus on several critical duties.

A hotel manager is essentially the CEO of the property. They are responsible for all aspects of the business, from operations and finances to marketing and sales. A good hotel manager can make all the difference in the success of a property.

What are the traits of a good hotel manager?

A good hotel manager is a:
1. Strong leader.
2. Good communicator.
3. Organized and detail-oriented.
4. Passionate about the hospitality industry.
5. Motivational and inspiring.
6. Good at problem-solving.
7. Flexible and adaptable.
8. Guest-focused.
9. Team player.
10. Commercial awareness.

Now that we know what it takes to be a good hotel manager let's look at some of the critical duties they need to focus on to increase a hotel's business.

1. Increase occupancy rates

One of the essential duties of a hotel manager is to increase occupancy rates. The first step in doing this is to ensure that the hotel is being marketed correctly. This means creating attractive and accurate listings on all major travel websites and using other marketing channels such as social media, PR, and email marketing.

It's also essential to offer competitive rates in line with the hotel's location, amenities, and quality of service. In addition, discounts and promotions can be provided during slower periods to help boost business.

2. Improve guest satisfaction

Another key duty of a hotel manager is to improve guest satisfaction levels. This can be done by ensuring that all guests have a positive experience from the moment they check in until the moment they check out.

This means providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that all rooms are clean and comfortable, and offering excellent customer service. It's also essential to resolve any complaints or issues guests may have promptly and efficiently.

3. Maximize revenue

A hotel manager must also focus on maximizing revenue. It can be done by identifying upselling opportunities and implementing strategies to increase average spending per guest. For example, they are promoting add-ons such as room upgrades, spa treatments, and restaurant packages.

It's also essential to keep a close eye on expenses and ensure that costs are controlled. This includes everything from staffing levels to energy usage.

4. Develop a strong team

A hotel can only be as successful as the team that runs it. This is why it's so essential for a hotel manager to focus on developing a solid and effective team. This means hiring the right people, providing training and development opportunities, and creating a positive working environment.

It's also essential to foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration, where everyone is working towards the same goals.

5. Improve efficiency

Improving efficiency is another fundamental duty of a hotel manager. This means looking for ways to streamline operations and reduce waste, for example, implementing new technologies such as self-check-in kiosks or mobile apps.

It's also important to review processes regularly and make changes where necessary. This could involve anything from changing the scheduling of Housekeeping to altering the breakfast buffet setup.

6. Focus on sustainability

More and more hotel guests are looking for sustainable options when they travel. This is why it's so essential for hotel managers to focus on sustainability. There are many ways to make a hotel more sustainable, from using energy-efficient appliances to implementing recycling programs.

It's also vital to educate guests about the importance of sustainability and what they can do to help. This could involve providing information about local attractions that don't damage the environment to offering discounts for guests who use public transport.

7. Enhance the guest experience

A large part of a hotel manager's job is to enhance the guest experience. This means finding ways to make the stay more enjoyable and memorable, for example, by offering VIP amenities or organizing special events.

It's also essential to keep up with the latest trends and offer guests the latest technologies. This could involve anything from installing fast WiFi to providing in-room tablets.

By focusing on these critical duties, a hotel manager can make a big difference in the success of their property. Increasing occupancy rates, improving guest satisfaction, and maximizing revenue can help the hotel thrive. And by developing a solid team and improving efficiency, they can ensure that operations run smoothly and effectively. At La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham, we focus on these critical areas to ensure that our hotel managers have all the tools they need to succeed. Visit our website today to book your stay.

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