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June 09, 2022 Peek Inside Hotel

A Peek Inside La Quinta Inn & Suites

A Peek Inside La Quinta Inn & Suites

Remember the times when a friend or a family member returns from a trip and you are very excited and curious to know everything about it? That curiosity and excitement might not just be limited to the trip but also what it was like for them to stay at a hotel or the Airbnb they might have chosen. 

And wasn’t that strange how most people felt like their overall trip was just bad just because the stay you picked didn’t turn out to be as good as your needed? If that is the case with you, too, we are sure you would be eager and excited to have a peek inside La Quinta Inn & Suites and know what it looks like to a guest who visits Channelview and stays here! 

So, without any further ado, let us walk you through the hotel, so you know what experience you’re getting yourself into the next time you visit Channelview for a relaxing holiday. 

1. Indoor Pool 

Imagine a tiring day exploring the unexplored corners of Channelview city and then coming back to a hotel that has a heated indoor pool. Sounds too relaxing. However, it is the reality if you walk into La Quinta Inn and savor the experience of rejuvenation and hospitality from your mundane life and work stresses.  

2. BBQ Grill 

Just like the peak of a memorable vacation has a night full of deep conversations and memories, the inclusion of a night with a smoky BBQ grill to a delightful stay is an obvious thing that will intensify your experience multi-folds. 

Thus, if you choose to stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites, you will have the experience of grilling some BBQ with your friends and family! 

3. Range of rooms 

The best part of the peek into the hotel is the wide range of comfy rooms that the guests get to pick from. A king-size bed with sofas and utilities, or A Queen size bed or double queen-size beds for your family, or perhaps a king-size bed with a walk-in shower and other amenities and whatnot! 

This hotel has all the rooms you can think of to check on comfort, relaxation, and space with utmost hygiene. 

4. Meeting rooms 

One of the unique features at La Quinta Inn & Suites is the Spacious and equipped meeting room that is perfect for a corporate event or a get-together meeting. Along with hosting a party or a conference in our banquet halls, we also offer you fantastic catering services. 

5. Pet friendly 

The painful thing about most trips for pet parents is that most hotels do not permit getting their fur babies to enter their premises. However, if you book your stay here, you can be assured of this unwanted trouble. We offer the best and most affordable price for our furry friends.

6. Laundry facilities 

On more extended vacations, you either carry a lot of extra clothing or worry about finding laundry. But, with the spectacular facilities at La Quinta Inn & Suites, worrying about laundry can never be an issue. We have an excellent laundry facility for your convenience at our hotel.

7. Parking spaces

Suppose you are traveling in your car or another vehicle in a new city. In that case, you need to constantly worry about finding a safe place to park or perhaps looking for a space that doesn’t end up congesting the roads. 

You get all the gated parking facilities at our hotel, with no extra charges for it. So be it your RV or a mini car you are traveling in, we are here to save the perfect spot for your vehicle. 

8. Free WIFI 

WIFI has almost become one of the most basic needs for every guest that book a stay. So, to ensure a good holiday, the hotel provides free WIFI on the entire premise. Hence, you need not worry about paying extra to your service provider for the internet and can stream the shows or scroll through your social media without worrying about the expenses. 

With so much that La Quinta Inn & Suites has in store, we aim to offer the best stay to our guests so that they enjoy the hospitality as much as they would have enjoyed peeking in and exploring the corners of our hotel with us! So, book a stay now and give us a chance to serve you with our hospitality! 

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