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7 Interesting Amenities about La Quinta Inn & Suites

7 Interesting Amenities about La Quinta Inn & Suites

When you plan a trip, deciding the destination or the mode of travel comes as a quick decision, but what consumes a lot of your time and energy is booking a perfect stay during your getaway! One of the main factors that help you pick the hotel you wish to stay in is the amenities that you expect to have in the hotel you stay at. 

Many hotels have the basic amenities just right, but they're not enough to make your stay memorable. Of course, looking for them would be different for each, but some of the spectacular Amenities you can experience at La Quinta Inn & Suites during your next stay in Channelview are listed just for you! 

Heated Indoor Pool 

One of the most unique yet interesting amenities at La Quinta Inn & Suites is the Indoor heated pool. Considering the weather in Channelview, you may find the winds to be a little chilly in most months of the year. However, to ensure that you don't miss out on the pool time in any weather conditions during your holidays, we have a heated pool just for you. 

It is a perfect pool where you might wish to dive in after a long day exploring Channelview or just having fun and recreational time with your spouse, kids or family. It sounds like a deal. 

Fitness center 

One of the most common concerns that the guests have is putting a brake on their daily fitness routine just because they are holidaying and do not have a gym membership nearby or cannot carry the required instruments to keep up with their fitness routine. 

It becomes much more relevant if the guests are sportspeople, athletes, or fitness enthusiasts. So, to cater to that need, La Quinta Inn & Suites has an in-house fitness center with almost all the essential equipment that ensures no unwanted breaks in the fitness routine of the guests. So we keep their health and sanity as our utmost priority.

Bright side bistro 

A big perk is staying in a hotel with a bright side bistro, so you don't have to look for places to have some relaxing, soothing drinks. If you are on holiday, you'd want to have some time to soak in the sun and have chill drinks while you are in the moment. To help you experience this, La Quinta Inn & Suites has covered it. 

BBQ Grills 

Suppose you are excited about savoring delicious food. In that case, you will surely love treating your tastebuds at the BBQ Grill station in La Quinta Inn & Suites. While you sit and have deep conversations or have your me-time, the chefs in the hotel are ready to serve you the live Barbeque filled with unique flavors and smoky texture, so you have your stomach and your heart filled; with love! 

Meeting room 

Some people might think that a hotel with all the recreational and fancy things might not have enough amenities to host formal events like meetings. But, that is not the case with this hotel as they have a separate meeting room, well equipped for conferences and addressing a corporate event so that you can have the experience of leisure and work at the same place.

Free breakfast buffet 

Rarely do we come across people who don't get happy over free things, right? Well, cheer you up with that regard; we have something more for you in-store. At La Quinta Inn & Suites, you can have the leverage to have a complimentary buffet breakfast where you are served a range of healthy and tasty breakfast options to choose from. 

We are sure you are now stress-free about waking up and thinking about the typical 'what should I order for breakfast' question on your next stay with us! 

Late checkout 

One of the most annoying things about holiday hotels is their early checkout timings. Many guests feel like they are on the go and have to rush through things even when they are on holiday for the sole purpose of slowing down. 

To ensure this does not happen with our guests, at La Quinta Inn & Suite, we have a checkout time that is not so early, so you can relax and have your unwinding time with us in Channelview! 

By this point, if you too are carried away by the unique perks you can avail yourself during your next holiday in Channelview, then all you need to do is click here to book a stay with us and get ready to have a fantastic experience of amenities and hospitality at La Quinta Inn & Suites. 

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